Custom Hoops –   Online Hoopermarket coming soon!

Here at Hoop Fusion we pride ourselves on quality to assure that you have the best chance to succeed in the initial phases of your hooping journey.  That’s why we custom and tailor make our hoops specific to your height.

Size really matters when it comes to HOOPS

Ever picked up a kid’s hoop and failed at keeping it spinning? You are not failing the hoop is failing you - Adults need adult hoops.

We love making hoops that are tailor made to your individual needs. If you are an absolute beginner and would love a hoop for yourself, let us know your height. If you would like to gift a hoop let us know the approx. height for an adult or age if for a child.  If you are a seasoned hooper and know your dimensions send them through.

We are also pretty old school with this whole hoop shop scenario and our hoop focus is definitely local.  We love meeting our local hoopers and the personal connect in passing your hoop to you.

We can deliver locally, or a hoop pick up can be arranged.

Hoop Fusion aims to do their bit to be planet conscious, we are now offering an upcycling program where you can offload your preloved hoops to avoid contributing to landfill. These hoops will be used in school and community programs.  Please get in touch if you have old hoops laying around that need some loving.

Investment: Kids Hoops Range from $20.00 - $30.00

Adults Hoops Range from $35.00 –  $45.00  



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